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Peckish Perry - the game
Bugs are not welcome ;-)

Aye mate, welcome to the Perryverse!
They made a game out of me ;-)
It's great out here, isn't it?
Just look around here.. and then.. PLAYTIME!

    Ooh... look, is that Perry over there?!
    That pathetic little creature who is always in for a snack. Whether it's lemonade, ice cubes, soup, or even noodles, he doesn't care. Please don't feed him, it's tasteless, BLEH !

    How does it work?

    Show Perry the way to everything that looks tasty!
    Ooh yes, he will follow you!
    Please don't get addicted‚ we've warned you!
    Remember: don't eat flies and ..
    don't eat the yellow snow ;-)

    World Mode

    Each world has it's own good stuff for extra flavours.
    Collect this for extra points.

    Challenge Time

    Go through 10 levels as fast as you can!
    Maybe you'll make it to the Hall of Fame
    so you can brag about it.

    Discover all the different drinks!

    Mobile Game Trailer

    Peckish Perry the game!

    Get in the mood by watching the mobile game trailer!

    Download in app store for Apple Mac iOS, Google Play or play online web

    Made by Paste Dog Studio